The Challenge: Access to Health Care

Over 50 million people in the U.S. lack health coverage. The vast majority are adults (19-64 years of age) and more than three quarters are from working families earning low to moderate incomes.

Health insurance is a primary factor in whether and when people get necessary medical care and, ultimately, how healthy they are. Those without health insurance are far more likely to postpone or forgo health care.

The medically underserved are scattered around the United States in every city, town and village. If you look around, it is not difficult to find them. They are our neighbors. Their lack of health care is not just a problem for them, but for all of us. No community can be truly healthy if a significant portion of the population is excluded from basic health care services.  We believe that every person who lives in Rhea County should have access to health care, and our mission is to make that possible.

The “Culture of Caring” is the heart and soul of our clinic. It is based on an ethical standard in medicine that was once practiced and should be again. How people are treated during a visit to the clinic is as important as the medical care they receive. Those who come to our clinic are good people in need of help. Surviving on limited resources, they often exhibit great courage simply trying to get through each day.  We recognize the strengths of those in need and respect their dignity.

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